Monday, July 4, 2011

June 19th to June 26th

The last few weeks have been crazy-as usual. Work was the usual craziness (by now I've learned that chaos mode is pretty much the ''norm'' for a doctor's office). During the weekend I house sat for some friends of ours-The Olsens-keeping an eye on their wandering (albeit cute) canine, Truth.

(He also turned out to be a rather photo-genic little fellow)

The garage sale went well-the idea was to make money for our yearly trip to Sun Lakes (a resort near Coulee City, WA). And praise the Lord, we were successful! (as a side note: we met alot of interesting people-one woman who came by told us she was going to nominate our mom for ''Mother of Year''. ''I'm going to make a note of this address!" she yelled as she drove off in her black '98 Ford pickup truck. Since we had it at the Olsen's house I guess Mrs. Olsen will be fairly surprised to find out when she comes home that she's won ''Mother of the Year'' while on vacation.)

Sam and Johanna had their first real taste of the entrepreneurial world: selling donuts to people coming to and from the sale. Watching them work as team was definitely a mix of cute and comical (like something you'd see off of ''Little Rascals'').

Along with watching the dog and the garage sale we celebrated Johanna's 9th birthday!!

(my little girl's getting so...old!! *sniff*)

My highlight of the week: Getting a forty-minute motorcycle ride from Mr. Olsen in exchange for watching their house!! Definitely a good deal!

Thus ends another crazy week in the Wilson Household...

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Jojo's cat Howie...he's so helpful...

NObody was prepared for this...the mysterious ''Garden-Streaker''!!


This year we constructed and planted a garden that is nearly 1/4 acre-filled with everything from rasberries to lettuce (and everything in between). It started out as a very large plot of dirt but I'm happy to say that in the last months we have definitely gotten to see (and eat) the ''fruits of our labor!

<<< The plot of dirt